Chicago State University Applauds The Efforts of The Equitable Public University Funding Commission

Chicago State University (CSU) applauds the efforts of the Illinois Commission on Equitable Public University Funding. The report issued by the Commission represents an important review of the principles of equity-based funding in the State of Illinois. CSU is Illinois’ only 4-year US Department of Education designated Predominantly Black Institution. The recommendations signal a game changer in funding for higher education addressing critical areas of access and student success. We look forward to further engagement in the process of creating a formula that supports equitable funding of higher education.

In reference to the report, CSU President Z Scott stated, “Against the backdrop of a 37% drop in enrollment of Black students in Illinois' higher education system since 2013, one thing is clear, we must center our approach to higher education funding with an understanding of the needs of all students and the operations of each university. An equitable approach to funding will position CSU to better serve the needs of our students. We look forward to continued engagement on this urgent issue.”